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Tim Mantoani - The News Flash Blog

Tim Mantoani is a Commercial Advertising Photographer based out of San Diego, California. Over the last few years I have been very inspired by Tim’s commercial sports images and his work with EA Sports and the NFL.

Check out Tim’s inspiring work here:

Brad Mangin - "Making Money With My Website" (Livebooks Webinar)


Brad Mangin is a freelance sports photographer based in the San Francisco Bay Area. His regular clients include Sports Illustrated and Major League Baseball Photos. After graduating from San Jose State University he worked for several newspapers, including The National Sports Daily (where he was hired by Neil Leifer), before starting to freelance in 1993. Mangin has covered several Super Bowls, World Series, NBA Finals games and the Olympics. He regularly covers spring training in Arizona for Sports Illustrated and the World Series for Major League Baseball. Mangin’s website ( contains many of his pictures and is the home of his searchable archive containing over 25,000 of his pictures. Mangin is also a founding partner and managing editor of, an online community and resource for sports photographers and other working photojournalists.


The Big Games for Sports Illustrated - Part II
Brad Mangin

Brad Mangin Interview - Shutterbug Magazine Radio

  • The Big Games for Sports Illustrated - Part II


The Big Games for Sports Illustrated - Part I
Brad Mangin

Brad Mangin Interview - Shutterbug Magazine Radio

  • The Big Games for Sports Illustrated - Part I


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Al Tielemans Photography

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Simon Bruty ::

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Robert Seale Photography Blog

Robert Seale is a commerical photographer that specializes in advertising, annual reports, and magazines.  He also a sport shooter that contributes a lot of advice on the forums over at  While I find Robert’s images inspiring in themselves, one the most important things I think he does is advocate for photographers getting paid the fees that their expertise deserves.  I have learned a lot about the business side of photography just from reading his forum posts on the need to diversify your photographic offerings beyond just shooting sports action and into the commercial realm, which is exactly what I am trying to do now in my own business.


Peter Read Miller Photography

Peter Read Miller is yet another of the many awe-inspiring sports photographers that work with Sports Illustrated.  I have always admired Peter’s work and also the insights he has shared in a number of interviews I listened to in the past.  It was listening to Peter’s advice that I started early on shooting a low angle for sports while most of those around me in my area were satisfied to do it the easy way and stand while shooting.  In addition to his SI work Peter also has does commercial work for a number of Fortune 500 Companies.  I’ve been particularly inspired by his wide angle football images that I can never seem to emulate, although those images do force me to look for unique perspectives at each sporting event I shoot.  I am also intrigued by Peter’s sports portraiture work, which is an area that I am personally striving to improve in.  Peter has teaches an annual sports photography workshop each spring in Denver, Colorado.  I’ve yet to make the workshop but hope to in the near future.  I’m sure if would be an exhilarating experience.  


Robert Beck Photography

Robert Beck is a staff photographer for Sports Illustrated and is perhaps one the most creative sports photographers in the business today. Although Beck does excel at shooting the standard great football, baseball, basketball, et. al, sports he often supplies a very creative twist in his artistic vision.  This is one of the main reasons I find his sports photography so inspiring.  I’ve also gleaned a number of sports-related portrait ideas from studying his work.  I highly recommend that you follow the inspiring work of this great sports photographer.